Payment plan terms and conditions for off the peg dresses

Payment term

When you agree to purchase an off the peg wedding dress and pay for it on a monthly basis, with the payment term ending three months from the date of purchase, the dress will be put into a suit bag and kept securely in a wardrobe.  The dress will not be available for alterations or dry cleaning until full payment has been received. 


A deposit of £100 for dresses costing £500 or under, and a deposit of £200 for dresses over £500 is payable on the date of purchase and this money will be non-refundable if the bride changes her mind or if no further payment is made.  The dress will then be returned to stock.  If the first monthly payment has been made and the bride no longer wants the dress then the deposit plus 50% of the first payment will be non-refundable.  After that the bride will be responsible for full payment and ownership of the gown will pass to the bride after full payment has been received.  If there are payments outstanding after the end of the three month payment term then the bride will be contacted and asked to make payment within the next four weeks.  If no further payment is received the dress will then be put back on the rail and re-offered for sale.

Off the peg

Ex-sample, pre-loved and new unwanted dresses may have imperfections such as loose threads or a bead or a popper missing or a grubby hem.  This does not mean they are unfit for purpose.  It is advisable for brides to inspect the gown with a bridal consultant to make sure that they are happy with the condition as we cannot accept responsibility after the dress has left the premises.